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How to make a Richard mask TUTORIAL (ENG)

I want to make it clear this tutorial might and will contains gramatical errors (my mother language is not English so..sorry guys...) and if something is not clear please ask.
Also I DO NOT mean to harsh anyon with the words or the capital letters, just want to make it more than a plain tutorial.
Well hello guys,

Few of you asked me how I made my Richard mask. I'll tell you everything you might need to know.
So let's jump in the deep!

Tools you will need:

  • Craft foam (A3 sized is the best)
  • Cutting utensils (scissors/exacto knife or whatever you can feel cutting comfortable)
  • Hot glue gun 
  • A heat gun
  • Paint and brushes (white,red,yellow,bluish-green[?])
  • Paper clay/airdry clay/heatdry clay
  • Black net
  • Paper,pencil,pen,compas
  • Poristiroll foam egg (I'm not sure how it's called in english)

1. Measure your head around.

If you need to tie up your hair do it with your hair tied up measure your head when your hair like how you will wear it when it's done.

I used around 1+3/4 of an A3 craft foam sheet

2. Glue the pieces togheter! 

Use a thin line of craft foam to make the fitting looks good (PUT IT ON THE INSIDE! so it will looks good and you will not have wisible layers on the outside)

Are you have a tube now?
Good! You are doing great so far!

3. Cut lines on the top of your tube.

About 1/4 or 1/5 of it. Like in the picture:

4. Fold them on eac other and fix them with some masking tape before gluing them together! 

It's important because you don't want to screw it up and start it again aren't you?

5. Glue them together 

After you made sure it fits of course.
Like on the picture:

6. Put it on and mark where is your eyes and nose. 

7. Grab your compas and draw a circle on a piece of paper

(r: 3cm)
This will be the base of the eyes.

Sorry about
the mask
it was the first one~

8. Grab some craft foam and trace the circles around.

(use a pen for tracing)
Now you got two craft foam circles, right?
Great, you doin awesome \o/

9. Draw a smaller circle on a piece of paper

This will be the inner part of the eye 
Try to put them on the midle of the biger craft foam circles and trace them around

10. Cut em' al out!

Now you will have two rings if I'm not mistaken.

11. Grab you black net and glue them on the rongs

After you don it will looks like something like this:

12. Measure two craftfoam lines around your eyes

(around 2-3 cm wide)
and now glue them around the rings
NOW YOUR EYES ARE DON \o/ you only need to pait them (but it can be don after you glue them in the mask)

13.Lets move on the beak

You will need on of these lil things:
I used an 8 cm long one
Cut them it in half. Like this

This will be the base of your beak. We will use only the half of the half egg (oh god hope it understandable)
Get some clay of your choice and sculpt the beak on the egg. 

Now your beaks will look something like this:
Let it dry for a couple of hours (if you work with air-dry clay) 

WARNING:the sculpted beak can shrink and deform

(like mine)

(After it dried I added more clay to fill the "gaps" and make it looks better) 

14. Sandpaper and details

Grab some sand paper if the surface of your beak is jagged.
You can also add some details like "battle scars

15. Back to the base of the mask.

  • Get your paper circle and trace them around where your eyes will be
    (leave around 4 cm between the two eye)
  • use the egg as a measure of how big space the beak will need on the mask
    Trace it around and cut a (1cm smaller) hole for the beak.

16. cut them out.

(I forgot to make a pic without the beak glued on ;_; my bad) 

17. Glue the things on!

For now you will have something like this:


The inner part of the eye is deeper in the hole, because you want to see and not be a derpi chicken!

18. Move on the thingy on the head 

(it's might called comb I guess)
Honesty I kinda made it out of the blue and I still don't know how I should make a proper one.
(and of course I forgot to document the whole process)
First lay your mask on a piece of paper (on its side) 
Trace the upper part, than complete it
I gues it will looks something like this:
I also got a Richard modell in Gmod and used it to see what is going on with the character and how it looks. 

For now I will tell what I did.
I draw a bigger pattern then how big I wanted the comb because the whole piece will be smaller.
I cut it out of craft foam twice for both sides... and used a heat gun to bent both of it. (be careful and don't mess up with banding both in the same way.)
Then I got a long craft foam line and used as a joint of the two sides.
glued them together (it also included a few error, because the two sides not connect perfectly)

Then I cut of two "wavy" shapes for the sides.

I glued the comb on the mask (make sure its on the middle of it) 
Then glued the sides on 

sorry I took it before
I glued the sides on.


19. Make feathers and cover up the buttom of the mask.

Make triangle shaped feathers with rounded edge
(and again I didn't take a single picture so here you go the full mask....)

Every feather should be around 5cm long and 3,5 cm wide.
I used 2 sheets of craft foam so you will need around 60 feather

it was a pain in the ass I can tell you
What you wanka waiting for?? GLUE THEM ON!

20. Last layer of feather

Dont use all the feathers because you will need like 20 to make it looks something.
 make it more "roundy" like on the picture.


Now get your paints and ....paint them
For me it was damn messy because the first paint I bought did not covered the foam 
Then the spray paint wasen't good either for me *sigh* 
but finaly I managed to buy a proper paint and don it.

now get the red and yellow paint and PAINT THE MASK DETAILS \o/ 
(for me the yellow was too harsh so I mixed it up with with a little orange) 

22.You tought I forgot about the"beard" 

Cut out a bent teardrop shape and use the heat gun on it. 
Then glue them on.

Then paint them too!

23.Get the clothes
(I bought a baseball jacket, a pair of white shoes and an ocean blue tee and get my good old jeans)



Hope this little tutorial thingy helped you.
And again sorry for the grammatical errors and feel free to ask me if something is not clear.
I also got tired when I finished it...So sorry again
And also i didn't ment to be harsh with the capitals or the "wankas" you know tought of making it more than a plain tutorial  hahah....

Happy cosplaying (◕ω◕✿)

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